Hi there! 👋🏽 Welcome to my "digital garden" where I share my thoughts, knowledge and experience as a self-taught programmer & a fellow human being.

I'm Somraj Saha (aka "Jarmos") & I'm the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) building Weburz along with my cofounder Sagar Kapoor. At Weburz we specialise in providing custom web-based solutions for small-scale business owners who're looking to expand their presence on the Internet. If you want us to work on your projects, drop an email at - contact@weburz.com and someone from our company will reach out to you as soon as possible!

The Programming Languages I Use

Over the years I've had many opportunities to work on a wide range of projects (both professional and personal). And thanks to such opportunities I learned to write quite a few programming languages. Hence, here is a brief list of programming language I'm either working with or have working knowledge of;

  1. Python when dealing with small-scale scripts, system automation and/or building large scale backend APIs.
  2. TypeScript for writing React.js-based applications for the web.
  3. Lua for help with configuring embedded environments like the ones available in Neovim, Wezterm & Redis.
  4. Golang to build fast & asynchronous system backends as well as for building easy-to-distribute executable binaries.

Primary Frameworks & Libraries

I've used quite a number of framework/libraries over the years. Some go out of trend or have become unusable for a myriad of reasons hence I'm not listing all of them here. Some of the said tools in the list are even used extensively at Weburz currently!

  1. Next.js to build modern websites and web applications using a React.js ecosystem of tools. The Weburz website is built using Next.js and we've open-sourc'ed the project for you (source code)! ❤️
  2. FastAPI to build asynchronous REST APIs using Python for our backend services.
  3. TailwindCSS as our go-to CSS framework of choice when we want to quickly build a simple website or an MVP.

Other Dev Tools in My Belt

A developer without his/her tools is like Batman without his Batsuit & I'm no different! I use a myriad list of other tools besides the one mentioned above for tasks like DevOps, writing/editing code and more. Hence, here's a list of tools which I use for those purposes;

  1. Ubuntu/Debian is my primary Operating System of choice for writing code but lately I'm experimenting with WSL2 and Fedora as well!
  2. Docker for containerising projects locally for development and deploying them to the cloud.
  3. Terraform & Ansible for managing our cloud infrastructure & deployments.
  4. Neovim as my choice of a Text Editor to write code! I've configured the tool to be a "Personalised Developement Environment (PDE)" so if you're interested in how I did it, feel free to check out my dotfiles.

That said, as a Software Engineer I'm always on my feet to learn and pick up the latest new tools and tricks of the trade. As mentioned earlier, listing all of the tools in a single page isn't possible but I do promise to keep it updated ever so often for your interests.