I'm Somraj, a Senior Software Engineer.

I'm a Software Engineer building Weburz, a company providing small-scale business owners custom web-based solutions for their business operations. If you run a business online or your business requires some presence on the Internet, then our company will probably be of some help to you.

Want to learn more about me? Then head over to the "About Me" page to find more information about myself. And would you like us to work with on your projects then drop us an email at - contact@weburz.com.

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Should You Use Next.js?

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An open-source personal website & blog created using Next.js TypeScript & TailwindCSS. This project is the final iteration of the countless previous experimentations I performed to create an ideal personal website.



A no non-sense and minimal configuration framework for those who wants to give Neovim a try without much fuss. Set up a complete Neovim experience with LSP-based autocompletion and more by running a single line of command!


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